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what is the meaning of Abstraction in OOPS

what is the meaning of Abstraction in OOPS?
how/where we use Abstraction in real time project...
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Abstraction is the programming principle of ignoring the low level details, in favour of concentrating on the higher level interactions between software components, and coding the interfaces between them accordingly. It is achieved by the use of subclasses, inheritance, abstract classes and interfaces to focus on the functionality of the class, without making it specific the the actual implementation.
You actually use abstraction in the Java API classes because you use them and don't care about their implementation, in other words you use the 'public interfaces', that means you use the public methods of your objects but you don't care how they were implemented. For example:

You don't care about the definition and implementation of the ArrayList and it's add method. You only care about that exists an ArrayList that has an add method.
ArrayList<String> myArrayList = new ArrayList<String>(); 
myArrayList.add("Hello World"); //(how adds the String? I don't care)

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