ZENworks equivalent to run on Windows Server?

Is there a similar and/or equivalent software package to ZENworks that runs on Microsoft Server OS?
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ghost96, I'm surprised at you.

ZENworks does not have to have NetWare or even eDirectory any more.  No need for equivalent software - use ZENworks, *ON WINDOWS*


ZENworks Configuration Management not only runs on Windows (or Linux) you can run it without eDirectory - it works with any LDAP-compatible directory including Active Directory, even though it's not fully LDAPv3 certified...

No, there isn't.

The common answer people will give you (because they are the only 2 that have been compared side-by-side from both companies) will be SMS.

And SMS is garbage.  If you want the functionality of ZENworks and what is has to offer you only have 1 choice: buy ZENworks, period.
Lol, but I DID say buy ZENworks in the last comment.  I thought that was implication enough :P

I wrote it out the way I did because there are companies that won't touch ZENworks because it's a Novell product and therefore it's going to die in the next 5 days.  I'm sure you know where I'm coming from if you talk with IT personnel that don't have a clue.

So the Microsoft fanboys say "Look, it's MS's product - of course they have something that works better than ZENworks!  Why wouldn't they!?  They made the Windows server platform so they would of course build an application that totally blows ZENworks outta the water....now hang on...................let me go find it............................I know I read something about it once...............wait a minute...............................crap, all these articles talk about is ZENworks... :/"


But yeah, we use ZENworks on Windows 2003 R2 servers at schools so I'm there with ya - no need for Netware.  Just bust out ZEN on a Windows server platform, no problem.  I s'pose I could have worded my first post better.  I was just kind of thinking..."no, there's nothing better, so just go buy ZENworks".
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