Outlook "Hiding" Attachments

I have a user that sends out daily status reports with PDF attachment.  Several people get this and have no problem.  However, I have one user that gets the e-mail but there are no attachments.  I went to that users machine and forwarded the e-mail that was not displaying the attachments to myself.  Surprisingly, I received the forwarded e-mail WITH attachments.  In turn, I forwarded it back to the "problem" user and he did not receive the attachments.

We are running Exchange 2003.

This appears to be the only problem that he has with receiving e-mail attachments.
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mmudryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can this person see it in online mode and/or OWA?  If you can see it in OWA I would try creating a new Outlook profile and for that user to see if that solves the problem.  
Did you try changing the message format (should be different than RTF).

Reference -- http://www.quarella.co.uk/email/attachments.html 

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