Incremental database backup fails - BACKUP LOG cannot be performed


For the past month or so, incremental backups of two specific SQL databases have failed, with the message from the ODBC SQL Driver stating that "BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup". All other databases on the SQL server in question are successfully backed up incrementally. I Googled around and noticed this is a frequent message when performing backups in SQL server, but I am unsure how to apply this to BrightStor's SQL agent.

What I believe has triggered this issue is that I created a one-time file-based backup of the two databases from within SQL Management Studio, in order to create a snapshot of the databases for our CRM vendor, whom we maintain a tight relationship with. Ever since I manually created that snapshot, incremental backups on just those two databases has failed. Obviously, full backups are fine.

Further, one day I performed another manual file-based full backup, and then a transaction log backup. That night's incremental backup completed. However, other incrementals from that day forward have continued to fail.

I know the message relates to the transaction log backup chain being broken, and there are ways of reconstructing the chain from the last full backup. But I am unsure how this would relate to BrightStor's SQL Agent.

The SQL Server is MS SQL 2005 Enterprise SP1, backed up by BrightStor 11.5 SP3 with the SQL Agent.

What do I have to do in order to get incremental SQL backups for these two databases going again? Thanks!
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St3veMaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to initiate a full or differential backup from Britestor (sp?). This will then align the sequence numbers (LSN) in the server; so that transaction logs apply from the most recent full backup.

In future; when performing adhoc backups; use the COPY_ONLY keyword at the end of the statement; as this it a bit of a ronseal command (Does what is says on the tin)

DPS_ITAuthor Commented:
I'll try it. But we run full backups every Friday night, and then incrementals on the weeknights. If the LSNs realign after a full backup, wouldn't it have done so already? Or is it the fact that the full backup is being initiated manually that forces a realign?
The latter. If you take a full backup inbetween your existing sequence; any transaction log and/or incremential backup will then refer to that inbetween backup.

If you need to do inbetween backups in future; use the COPY_ONLY function; as this creates a copy only backup that does not disrupt the LSN sequence numbers.
Bill CochranDeveloper/AnalystCommented:
I'm having similar issues.  NTBACKUP adds an entry in the msdb..backupset table when it executes the nightly backup of the file system.  I would like NTBACKUP to stop interacting with SQL Server and only backup the filesystem.  Do you have any idea how to accomplish this?
Backing up just the *.mdf and *.ldf files is a bad idea as they may not be transactionally consistent unless you shut SQL Server down whilst you perform the backup. Obviously this means your SQL Database is unavailable for the duration taken to complete the backup.

I would reccomend creating a daily backup job in SQL Server to dump the backup file(s) to disk; then configure NTBackup to collect files from that directory.

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