laptops from Europe do not work on my network and vice versa????? HELP

Hey guys,

We are currently working with another company from Europe to merge with and it seem I have come across a stumbling issue. When users from Switzerland, and Italy come here and hardwire into my network its shows as connected but they cannot surf. When I look at there activity there are no bytes being exchanged. For some reason I cant get there laptops to connect to the internet on my network..why? Also, one of my users went to to his family in Europe and hard wired to there internet provider and the same issue occured... can anyone give me an suggestions as to why this is happening on both ends?
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sbodnarConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It seemed that the laptops had a proxy setup on them from the other network. Once I disable that it connected to the web just fine.
IP is IP and a wired NIC is a wired NIC. They all follow standards and there is no difference in the wired CAT5 type designation or standard.

In wireless, some countries use different frequencies/channels that the US or elsewhere.

So, I am chiming in to follow this one... It makes no sense to me.

Obviously you are setting a correct static IP address, gateway and DNS settings on the foreign PCs and/or their PCs are set up for DHCP and you have a DHCP server, to dole out a correct IP. So interesting.

Can you ping by name? Can you then ping it by IP?
Do the laptops from irtaly and sweeden have static IP addresses assigned to the NIC? If you use DHCP in your office to assign IP's and their office has a static assignment scheme the problem could be they are on the wrong network.
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