Find feature hangs then errors out

In many documents using the "Find" feature results in a hang then a crash with error:

EventType : officelifeboathang     P1 : winword.exe     P2 : 12.0.6308.5000
P3 : wwlib.dll     P4 : 12.0.6311.5000
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Try to load winword without any plug-ins.

   Start -> Run -> Winword /a

See if the problem still occurs. If not, it's one of the plug-in. In that case, please check this web page for further ideas:

nliadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kurt, but that did not work. It's a flat install of office, nothing additional beyond what's on the CD, SP1 is installed, ran Office Diagnostics - checked out ok. Used Office Update to make sure it was all good - it was. I have recreated the issue on four systems with a few different docs.

I should have added this in:

I have saved as an older version - same issue.

I have copied and pasted the text to a new document - same issue.
nliadminAuthor Commented:
I have also tried /safe - same
 /m - crashes faster  
/r - no change
Deleted normal - no change.
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>I have recreated the issue on four systems with a few different docs.

what do these systems have in common? OS, other tools, virus scanner, etc.? Does it happen on those systems if you have a plain windows installation with only office 2007 installed?
nliadminAuthor Commented:
Within that network it is XP, Office 2007, little commonality beyond that. I have also had the document sent to me via email and tested on other systems. If I copy the text to notepad and then paste it back in it works. So it has to be formatting but I have no idea what. These are legal documents with nothing special in formatting that I can find.
I have heard of similar things. I seems that Word 2007 has problems to interpret some formatting "code" within documents and then errors out. I think your best chance will be a support call to microsoft. :-(

BTW: Did you check this:


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