Having Apache webserver always redirect to Tomcat App Server

Experts & all,

I have an Apache Webserver that currently uses mod_jk to commnunicate to the Tomcat Appserver and that works flawlessly.

What I am trying to figure out is how NOT to show the Tomcat webpage but always have the webserver redirect or rewrite so that the default is ALWAYS my application running on the Appserver.

Right now if my users enter the public IP address (for example and only the IP address, the Tomcat default webpage shows up. How can I have the public IP address always point to, where MyApp is my applications that runs in the appserver.

- Eric

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change the index.html page of your apache document. It should contain a HTML redirect to your application URL.

Basically you need this in the html file:


See here: http://billstclair.com/html-redirect2.html


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eric_ddAuthor Commented:
Hi Kurt,

That works great :), so here are your points. I am not to sure if the following will be considered another question, but, I dont want to loose the tomcat page, so i renamed it to tomcat.html. How can I only allow loading this page from the 8080, i.e. prevent port 80 and 443 from seeing this (or all ports except 8080)
>How can I only allow loading this page from the 8080, i.e. prevent port 80 and 443 from seeing this (or all ports except 8080)

it really depends how you configured apache and tomcat to co-operate. There are some pretty good tutorials out there:

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