Use Forms 4,5 against veriosn 10/11 database

Any one any experience of using Oracle forms 4.5 against a high version of an Oracle database
version 10i 11 ?  I know its not supported, but will it work ?
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, you can use oracle forms 4.5 on 10g database

We are doing it right now.

Have not tried against 11g.
Even Forms 6i needs upgrade to work with 10g.
Character sets like AL32UTF8 are unknown even for 6i.
Will not work , you need to upgrade to at least 10g
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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
True, Forms4.5 does not support as many character sets as an Oracle10 or 11 database can support, but for applications that are English-only, that may not be a problem.  We had some trouble with record locks with our Forms6 application and an Oracle10gR2 database, so we kept our database version at 10gR1 so far.  We tested an Oracle11 database recently with Forms6, and that seems to work better than 10gR2.  I don't have Forms4.5 any more to test with.
We are using  (vms, so that's as good as we can get) with forms 4.5 and, we are using an English only application.
Higher upgrades of 6i (as I recall after upgrade #15) solves the problems with
the new character sets of 9i and 10g.
Nevertheless you take risk to combine these products (I mean Forms 4.5 with higher versions).
Migrate to Forms 10g ....
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