T-SQL to return latest customer email

I have a two table database:


I want to return a dataset of all customers and just their latest active email (they can have more than one).

In the Email table there are 5 fields:

If EmailStatus is 1 (active) I want to order all their associated addresses by DateEntered DESC and grab the top 1. Thus I only return their "latest" email address.

I assume this is needing some kind of subquery.

I'd like the query to simply return (one for each active customer):

Since they can technically have more than one email address in our system, I am getting back 3 rows for the same customer (if they happen to have 3 active email addresses in our system).

How can I query the email table as part of my overall query to return just 1 row per customer?

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Try this:

select c.customerid,c.CustomerName,e.emailaddress
from customer c
join email e
on c.customerid = e.customerid
and emailid = (select top 1 emailid from email where customerid = c.customerid and emailstatus=1 order by dateentered desc)
tivowatcherAuthor Commented:
Just to be clear, what happens if the customer has no associated email address?

I am following you on the JOIN and the subquery and I bet that works, but should this be a LEFT JOIN to ensure I get the customer info even if they have no email?

Correct.  If the customer can possibly have no email, it should be a left join.  I missed that in your original post.

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tivowatcherAuthor Commented:
Got it (I think).

Will this work? It seems to in my testing:

SELECT     c.CustomerID, e.EmailAddress
FROM         Customer c LEFT OUTER JOIN
                      Email e ON c.CustomerID = e.CustomerID AND e.EmailID =
                          (SELECT     TOP 1 emailid
                            FROM          email
                            WHERE      customerid = c.customerid
                            ORDER BY dateentered DESC)
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