How do I connect between networks?

We have two separate networks - 10.0.x.x and 183.4.x.x and two separate domains - domain1.local domain2.local.
Both are located within the same premises  currently physically separated by individual switches.
The 10.0.x.x network is a replacement/upgrade to the 183.4.x.x network.
The domain1.local domain is AD2003, the domain2.local domain AD2008.

We want to gradually migrate users/workstations/servers/printers from the 183.4.x.x network (domain1.local) to the 10.0.x.x network (domain2.local).
Users will require access to devices on both networks/domains.
Continuity of service is paramount.

How do we set up any necessary routing/trusts between the networks/domains to allow access to all areas of the LAN during migration?
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lalancluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Split all the 2 network to 2 switch or 2 multiple switch. Put all 10.x.x.x to the switch A or mutiple switch A and put 183.x.x.x to the switch group B and in then you plug your Sonic wall beteween the both groupe A and B.

Open all the port from the outside to inside so if you are able turn off the fire wall on the sonic wall.
The inernal router in the sonic wall should be route your packet on the lan and you can see all the poeple and your both lan.
One of the things to consider is to start attaching services to the main domain and then move the second one to a domain member instead of 2 AD.
I am not good with migration, but domain member will save you some time and licenses as well.
why don't you post a link to this question from windows 2003 server TA?

hope this helps!
hcd-itAuthor Commented:
Not quite sure if you understood the question.

All we are wanting to do initally is establish connection between devices in both domains.

Migration will take place later once we have established connection
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You need to put a router you can use a Link sys and you open all the port for inside to outside
But to connect 2 IP segment you need a equipement to route your packet.
I was thinking that you are upgrading at the same time. but "lalanclu" has point you to the right answer a router is needed. if you are segmenting from managed switch then  you maybe able to reconfigure the network into one netwrok. but if you have 2 different provider for example T1 line and a dsl then you have to rout between the 2 networks.  
hcd-itAuthor Commented:

I get your drift. We have a Sonicwall Pro 2040 firewall that we are led to believe from Sonicwall that this will allow routing between the two networks. (Connecting each network, via switches, to 2 different ports on the firewall).

As we said, the physical networks are in the same building and can share the same cabling infrastructure - no T1 or dsl is involved.

Have you any experience on how to configure the sonicwall Pro 2040 (enhanced OS) to achieve this?
fm250Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the docs and guides:
hcd-itAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help guys - your comments certainly set us off in the right direction.

Eventually setup the Sonicwall to do the routing - 183.4.x.x. on Interface 1, 10.x.x.x on Interface 3, WAN on Interface 2 and after a chat with Sonicwall, enabled the IP Helper facility within the Pro 2040 and "hey presto" communication.

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