windows server 2000, pre-windows 2000 domain name

hello i have 1 windows 2000 domain controller 8 xp pro clients

domain name=  blue.local

Pre-windows 2000 domain name = red

clients only have option to log onto their local machine or "red"(Pre-windows 2000 domain name)

when i look at the computer names it shows  but the login option is the Pre-windows 2000 domain name "red".

now my question is how can i get the clients to log onto the existing windows doman "blue".

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You can't unless you're willing to rename your domain, which is *very* likely to create more problems than it will solve, because the pre-W2k name will create no problems whatsoever.
RED is just the NetBIOS name for blue.local. It exists for compatibility reasons with NT4 domains and NT4 clients. It's two different names for two different methods to access the exact same domain. There will be no issues with blue.local being "different" from RED.

Oh, and re-joining a client to this domain won't change anything. The name of the domain will stay the same, no matter how often you rejoin a client.
Try disjoining the clients from the RED domain.  Just join them temporarily to WORKGROUP, then rejoin them to the BLUE domain.
I am having the exact same issue. Any suggestions woul be greatly appreciated!
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