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Help with contains in a formula

I have the following code in a calendar view:

SELECT ((Form = "Time Off Request") | (Form = "TimeOff")) & (@Contains(Add_Calender; "Yes")) & (@Contains(Type; "Associate")) & (!@Contains(Status; "Pending")) & (!@Contains(Team; "LCCC")) &  (!@Contains(Team; "Team Services")) & (!@Contains(Team; "Mail/Image")) &(!@Contains(Team; "LRU"))  & (!@Contains(Team;"Team Services/Filing")) & RequestType !="Overtime"

This does work but I am wondering if there is a better way to write the Does Not Contain portion. I have tried this:

!@Contains(Team;"LCCC"|"Team Services"|Mail/Image"|"LRU") and that does not work. It will not pull any records then at all.  Does anyone have any suggestions or am I just missing the boat on how @Contains works.

1 Solution
I think you are confusing @Contains and @IsMember.

@Contains is used to search a string for a sub-string.
@IsMember (and @IsNotMember) are used to indicate whether a list (or multiple-value field) includes a specific value.

Further, if the field can only accept one value, and you are matching the full value (not a sub-string), then you can simply use the 'equals' operator (=).

For example, it appears to me that Add_Calender is a single-value field that either contains "Yes" or "No".  If this assumption is correct, then I would not use @Contains, I would just use (Add_Calender = "Yes").

Below is an example of how I would write this selection formula based on these assumptions:

Single-valued fields:

Multiple-valued fields:

(If these assumptions are not correct, then the formula below will need to be modified).
SELECT @IsMember(Form; "Time Off Request" : "TimeOff") & 
(Add_Calender = "Yes") & (Type = "Associate") & (Status != "Pending") & 
@IsNotMember(Team; "LCCC" : "Team Services" : "Mail/Image" : "LRU" : "Team Services/Filing") & 
(RequestType != "Overtime")

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kali958Author Commented:
Thank you Bill. That is what I needed. I was missing the difference between the @Contains and @IsMember. I thought also that @IsNotMember and @IsMember was only to be used with UserRoles.  I appreciate the education and the prompt answer!  Thanks again

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