Question on Adding an additional netblock to Cisco 2811 router

Question on Adding an additional netblock to Cisco 2811 router

We have an existing DS1 connection with a /29 netblock connecting to a Cisco 2811 router, and a firewall behind that.  The /29 has servers us for the last year or so, but isn't enough for the services that we are now and will soon be hosting.  Our ISP has recently granted us another (separate, noncontiguous) /28 netblock.

I know only a moderate amount about TCP-IP and nearly nothing about Cisco Routers.  Everything I've done in the past with our old /29 was pass/NAT it at the firewall to an address in the DMZ or LAN.

I added the address objects for the new netblock to the firewall and set up the routing & rules, but I didn't think that would work yet (and it didn't) because the netblock does not seem to be making it past our router.

What (if anything) do I need to do to tell the Cisco 2811 router to pass all the traffic bound for any of the IPs in the new /28 netblock to the firewall's IP address in the original /29 netblock?  And since I'm not a Cisco guy... HOW do I do it?

Thanks in advance!
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ip route <public network> <firewall IP>
Your ISP needs to know what IP address to forward their routing to for tthe new network block.

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okacsAuthor Commented:
Using a console cable, Is there a way to access the system w/o the password or to change the password if you do not know it?
okacsAuthor Commented:
I found instructions on changing the password if you can reboot the router... is there a way to do it without the reboot?
Nope, You have to reboot the router to recover the password.
default user name is cisco and the password is cisco
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