Uninstall ActiveX Controls via the command line or other means

s there a way to uninstall ActiveX controls from C:\windows\downloaded program files using the command line to right click the  control to remove it. I need to do this to ~400 machines but not manually. Manually you can right click and select remove. I want to script the removal some how. I need to remove a previous install of authorware web player before installing a new one. It is the only way for the new one to work is uninstalling the old one.
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You can simulate the action of Internet Explorer by using the same procedure it uses. The procedure is called RemoveControlByName() and is located in occache.dll which normally resides in the system32 directory. You'll need to do a loadLibrary on that.

The procedure's signature is :-

HRESULT RemoveControlByName(LPCTSTR lpszFile,
    LPCTSTR lpszTypeLibID,
    BOOL bForceRemove,
    DWORD dwIsDistUnit

and is documented at MSDN. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa768173.aspx

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