Update datasource from unbound datagridview

Hi Experts,
I have a DataGridView (RadGridView) that I fill with data from several datatables (SQL datasource). All the data displayed is unbound.

After a user made changes in the GridView I need to update the unbound datatable. My approach is to use the unique "ProductID" shown in the GridView to find the corresponding DataRow in the DataTable and for instance update the "status" of this DataRow.

I am not able to create the code that uses the "ProductID" from the GridView to update the DataRow in the DataTable with the corresponding "ProductID".

Help is appreciated.
Regards, Mark

Dim MatchingRows() As DataRow = Nothing
MatchingRows = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Select("ProductNumber=" & Me.rgvProducts.CurrentRow.Cells("ProductNumber").Value)
Dim ProductID As Integer = CInt(MatchingRows(0).Item("ProductID"))
MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(ProductID).Item("Status") = 40 'THIS DOES NOT WORK
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What do you mean by unbound grid? I think the grid is bound to the datatable in memory and in that case the rows in datatable are automatically updated although the backend database would not be updated.
mark_norgeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the reply.
I create the columns for the GridView and then add the cells values with the code below. The reason for doing so is that I want to show data from several tables in a "flat" table (no hierarchy). I assume this is called unbound.

I can select, modify or add values in the GridView, but I am not able to update the datatable(s). What I would like to know is: Having the ProductID from the GridView, how to select the datarow in the datatable with the corresponding ProductID. If I know that, I can update the DataTable.

Regards, Mark

 Private Sub AddRowToProductionRadGridView(ByVal TargetRadGridView As RadGridView, ByVal RowNumber As Integer)
        Dim rowInfo As GridViewRowInfo = TargetRadGridView.Rows.AddNew()
        rowInfo.Cells(0).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).GetParentRow("Shippers_Products").Item("Shipper").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(1).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("Product").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(2).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("Status").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(3).Value = CInt(MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("ProductNumber"))
        rowInfo.Cells(4).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("Production").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(5).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("Size").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(6).Value = MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("Quality").ToString
        rowInfo.Cells(7).Value = CInt(MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("DefaultBoxesPerPallet"))
        rowInfo.Cells(8).Value = CInt(MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("DefaultNetBoxWeight"))
        rowInfo.Cells(9).Value = CInt(MainForm.DS.Tables("Products").Rows(RowNumber).Item("DefaultGrossBoxWeight"))
    End Sub
You can do that by using the RowFilter property. For example,

dProducts.DefaultView.RowFilter="ProductID=" & ProdID
if dProducts.DefaultView.Count=1 then
end if


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mark_norgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot.
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