XP SP1 and Sata drive

I am trying to load XPSP1 on a machine that came with Vista. I need to use XP but when I load it won't due to having a sata drive! I have tried to install a drive during the XP build but it want allow it. It just says XP already has but it wont load any ideas? Alex
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During the early stages of setup, have you pressed the F6 function key to load the SATA drivers from a floppy?
More info, see this page:


If you don't have a floppy drive on your computer, you have a couple of alternatives:  a) buy a cheap USB floppy drive, or b) slipstream the SATA drivers into the XP install CD, with the free program called NLite, as detailed on this page:


Also sometimes there is an option in the BIOS to disable the SATA interface, which you do during setup, and then turn it back on after the install is complete.  Most newer systems default to AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) access mode for the disks.   Just go into the BIOS and disable AHCI.
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