Changing file associations in Firefox?

I work for a Government installation and we need to roll out Firefox 3.0.3 to all desktops. Unfortunatly this means that it needs to be locked down to meet security guidelines. This has been a nightmare... One thing we are currently stuck on is that we need a way to associate these filetypes with notepad so that they cannot be executed:


Im thinking this is located in the Tools --> Options --> Applications screen but there is no way to add associations that I can see. Is this screen the same as the About:Plugins screen? What file is this stuff stored in? Any help would be greatly appreciated we have been pulling our hair out over this.
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I think you need to change these file associations in Windows, and not in Firefox.

If you are using XP, follow the steps below, otherwise, Vista too have almost similar functions:

Open "My Computer"
From top menu, Tools > Folder Options
Click tab "File Types"

If that extension exists, select it and change the association.
If it doesn't already exist there, use "new" button to create and assign the settings.

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