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1) This is related to Active Directory
2) This is related to "Universal Group Membership Caching"
3) My questions: i) What is the function of "Universal Group Membership Caching" (firstly, Explain it with your own wording  and then provide the Links (if any) please , ii) How to configure this Group (Provide the PATH please)?
4) Thank you

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SweetJ21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Universal group caching is a feature of Windows Server 2003 that allows a remote domain controller to process group membership information for users without having to contact a global catalog server, but only if the user has logged onto the domain from that location before.

A global catalog has to be contacted during the login process to get the group membership information about a user to assign the appropriate permissions. Universal group caching will allow a domain controller to cache the membership information from a previous successful login, so a global catalog server will not need to be contacted for future login attempts.

It helps reduce authentication traffic between sites, more so than adding a global catalog server to the remote site.

This should help you understand universal group caching a little bit better.

This shows you how to enable universal group caching for an Active Directory site.
firemanf29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It's simply locally caching a user's memberships in universal groups.  I've never set it up because you can accomplish the same goal and more by making the remote DC a global Catalog server.  If you have a single domain forest with a single site it's rather useless.  It was recommended when you have a remote site with a slow or unreliable link.

I recommend just making your DC a global catalog and forget about UGMC.
tjieAuthor Commented:

1) Thank you both of you
2) SweetJ21 answered all the 2 questions above

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