Word doc switches to Read Only mode when i try to save

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I open a word 2007 doc located on my local hard drive. I  edit it for awhile, sometimes I can save it but other times it switches to Read Only mode when I try to save it and I have to save it with a different name. No one else is editing the doc or has it open. It is not specific to this particular document because it has happened with other Word 2007 docs I have edited. It is very frustrating as you can imagine. It can't be a permissions issue because I can save it one minute and then a few minutes later when I go to save it it switches to Read Only.
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This may be unrelated but this is an issue that I have seen many times.  Word 2007 has the tendency of randomly opening Word documents as read only when another WINWORD.exe is running on the local machine.

So again this may be unrelated but if you are opening the same document that sometimes opens as Read Only and sometimes does not - check to see if another WINWORD.exe is running on your machine.  Whether it is a result of another Word document open or with using Outlook with Word set as the email editor.

I read a lot of complaints about this, but no satisfying solution so far.

Here are a couple of possible fixes:

- On Vista, make sure the location of both the document and the template it uses are "trusted":

- If you installed your version of Office 2007 *over* the trial version, uninstall and re-install.

- Exclude .doc(x) files from being scanned by your Ant-Virus. If you don't use macros anyway, you can completely disable them and this will be a safe option. Should the error be gone, but you need your macros, test a different AV.

- The next time when the error occurs, safe your document under another name, close Word and check whether you are able to delete the read-only file. If this is impossible because the file is reportedly "in use", download and install the free tool Unlocker (http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker). Wait for the error to reappear, proceed as before, and run Unlocker on the read-only file. It should tell you which process is locking the file; this process will be responsible for the read-only notice as well.


This appears to be the culprit. When I have the Word doc open and I then open a new email in Outlook (Which uses Word for composing) and then return to Word and try to save the doc in reverts to "Read Only".
I guess I will need to close Outlook and use a different email editor .

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