Is Windows 2003 cluster reliable for client-server application?

There is a server with FoxPro application running on Windows 2003, while some thin clients connect to the server using terminal service and some regular XP workstations connect to the server using LAN connection.
The server is the single point of failure. I like to achieve maximum fault tolerance.
Q#1. Can you recommend some network/hardware architecture to achieve it?
Q#2. Is clustering technology feasible? Any catch behind the cluster technology in terms of database consistency?

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Clustering is built for high availability but for cluster aware applications like Exchange or SQL Server.
I dont believe your app is cluster aware.
If your app uses SQL server then sure your golden.  Clustering is a proven technology and again built for high uptime.
It is also more used for the reasons I stated and not for terminal services so if you went the cluster route you should reexamine the TS role.
As for hardware recommendations you stated no requirements of your user load how well does the app run, etc.  So anything I would give would be a guess for a SMB application.

I would cluster a couple of Dell 2950's with 16gb ram and 15k SAS drives in a raid 10 config.

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richtreeAuthor Commented:
Q#3. Assuming my application is not cluster-aware, any technology to 'mirror' the server?
Q#4. Can Distributed File System hep in this requirement?

Double take will 'mirror the machine'

DFS can help but I wouldnt go that route.  If your system isnt cluster aware then I would get a good server
Dual power supplies, redundant memory etc etc and hook it up to a SAN.
Are you using a backend database or are you using the VFP database. If it is a VFP database, then you don't have a single point of failure. Every XP workstation is also a point of failure until you use terminal service on those too.
richtreeAuthor Commented:
What make an application cluster-aware?
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