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Need RAID controller manual

I have the following RAID controller in my system:

"scsi0: scanning virtual channel 0 for logical drives.
  Vendor: MegaRAID  Model: LD0 RAID5 70004R  Rev: 1L15"

I need to find out info about it. If bad drives are hot swappable, what the procedures are for replacing bad drives, etc. I have searched google but cannot find any info.
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1 Solution

You have to make mirrored HDD, the following link has a brief description with links to wikis:


Please keep in mind that this presses is to make mirrored HDD then the bad one can be removed, of course after copying the old HDD into new one.

you should get your manual here

xy8088Author Commented:
Well, I already understand how RAID works, I deal with HP and Sun SANs on a daily basis. So that is not really an issue. What I am really looking for is information on this specific RAID controller.

It is an old card and in a production Linux server and has a failed drive in a RAID 5 array. I need to find out if it is hot swappable and if so if it is hot swappable under Linux, if it is not hot swappable then do I need to boot into the controllers BIOS to rebuild the array, etc.

That is why I need the manual. It is a flaky old controller in a production server and I don't want to just assume that because it is a hardware RAID controller that it will be hot swappable and will automatically rebuild the array.
xy8088Author Commented:
"you should get your manual here"

Awesome, thanks! I don't suppose anyone can figure out which of those controllers in the dropdown list is mine? The only info I have is:

Vendor: MegaRAID  Model: LD0 RAID5 70004R  Rev: 1L15
xy8088Author Commented:
I just want to add that my primary stumbling block  in all this is that the machine is running Linux. I don't have any problems with RAID under Windows but when it comes to Linux I am fairly useless!

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