Can I assign a recipient policy for distribution groups?

In my forest I have 4 domains, an empty root domain and 3 child domains. Corp, DomainA.Corp, DomainB.Corp, and DomainC.Corp. There are 5 sites (we'll call them Site1, Site2, Site3, Site4, Site5), each with its own Exchange administrative group and Exchange server. All DCs in the forest are 2003 and all Exchange versions are 2003. The forest and child domains are 2000 native mode.

Site1, Site2 and Site3 are all in the DomainA.Corp domain. Site4 has DomainB.Corp and Site5 has DomainC.Corp.

When I create a distribution group or make a security group mail-enabled, the group seems to get the recipient policy for Site1. Like the SMTP address it is assigned is groupname@DomainA.Corp and the administrative group is Site1. It isn't a big problem for Site2 and Site3 since they're the same domain, but the ones for Site4 and Site5 have to be manually changed.

Figure A on this page shows them getting the option to pick the admin group when they are establishing the email address, but on that page I don't get that drop down box. Maybe that was just an Exchange 2000 thing that was removed in 2003 though.

Am I missing something obvious here?
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ach_patilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can create a recipient policy based on a certain attribute, that will be unique to these Distribution Groups such as City or Office location and assign the coorect email address you need.. Then when you create the group, make sure they you enter a the correct value for the attributes.

This should assign the DG correct email addresses

Refer to the links below
CrashDummy_MSAuthor Commented:
Thanks ach_patil, I think that puts me on the right path and it looks like I've got it working on the groups I was testing with, putting the city in extensionAttribute1, then having the recipient policy's custom search like "(&(objectCategory=group)(extensionAttribute1=CityName))"

What would be the best way to make all groups under an OU (or whole domain for the 2 remote domains) have this attribute set? I made a powershell script that sets it for one, and just have to add in the code to make it step through an OU or domain and set it for each group, then schedule that script to run periodically, maybe hourly or something.

Is there a better way to do that, maybe a GPO I can set so all groups in the OU get that attribute set?
You can use ADMODIFYutility to bulk modify the groups.

Download it here

Use the below link for steps to use ADMODIFY

Hope this helps..

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