Background images not displaying in Firefox, IE but are OK in Opera, Chrome


I have a problem similar to another one i found here:

The device we use is a JLT8404 rugged computer.  Everything works fine, except that the background images on various websites and a browser-based application do not display correctly.  The images do not display correctly in IE and Firefox, but everything is fine in Opera and Chrome.

The PC is running XP tablet edition, and is in an out-of-the-box state (nothing new installed) save for the browsers and a text-to-speech software.

Here's an example showing the Firefox start page:

I have already tried the accepted solution to the related post, but it didn't help me at all.  Any new ideas?
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thill_oraConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I found the solution myself: the problem was related to High Contrast mode being activated in the XP accessibility options.  It seems that the option being turned ON alters the way browsers handle background images specified in CSS, making, it seems, Firefox and IE turning them off altogether while Chrome and Opera react differently.

See this article for further information:

Hi thill_ora, can't really see that this is a problem, the web page you used is a starter page for Firefox
opening a firefox start page in Opera or IE or any other browser doesnt really point to a problem just because the icon is missing.
Did you import any settings into firefox when you first ran it?
Is it your default?
try this,
 open a non starter pager and see if they open the same, you can have all three open this at the same time.
I opened this page in Maxthon/ Firefox and Internet explorer 6. all the same.
No problems but IE 6 is my default browser, when you first run firefox it asks you if you wish to import the settings from internet explorer?
Example of my three browsers please check that URL wqith yours to see if it's just the starter page.
this just a web page open your three browsers or 4 browsers and drag it onto each browser

Internet explorer 6 with same page
Maxthon with same page
Good job!!!  thill_ora thanks for sharing your solution :)
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