Is It In Any Way Possible to Access a UNC Path From a Machine in Another Domain Without a Trust?

We want a client company workstation, a member of an untrusted domain, to be able to access a UNC path in our domain while on our LAN. We cannot establish a trust between our two domains.  Does that make such access impossible? I suspect this is impossible even with appropriate crendentials but have been asked to verify this.
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The *workstation* won't be able to do so. A *user* logged on to this workstation will be.
Just map the drive in Explorer and click the "Connect with a different user name" when doing so, and provide credentials from a valid user account in your domain.
You can do the same from the command prompt:
net use X: \\Server\Share * /user:YourNetBIOSDomainName\TheUserAccount

If the server to be accessed is a member server, you can create a local user on this system as well and give it the necessary permissions.
If I understand your question correctly, then yes, you can do that without too much headache.
And of course, oBdA's answer is much more complete than mine ;)
adougheAuthor Commented:
I accepted both of you since eddygurge reinforces the first answer. Thanks to you both!
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