How to use Session State Service with ASP.NET applications

In the hope of establishing a more reliable "Web Garden" I am trying to migrate my ASP.NET application to use the Session State Service rather than InProc.  I have configured the application with IIS using the local (started) ASP.NET Session State Service.  On first access to the application I then receive the "Unable to Serialize the session state" message and am told that non-serializable objects and MarshalByRef objects are not permitted.

Since the application is built off-shore, could you explain what these disallowed objects might be, any other reason for the failure and how I might proceed.

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BobTheViolentConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Adding serializable to the code in the places it "wants" it is all you should have to do.

Like this example.

<Serializable()>  Public Class myclassname
End Class

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TechTiger007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This error will happen when we try to store objects that are not marked as serializable. In msdn each class description will show if it is marked as serializable or not
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