Sort a concatenated string in sql server 2005

Posted on 2008-11-04
Last Modified: 2012-05-05

 i have a string like 'd','a',c' from a query resultset.
Now, i need to sort this string and again get a concatenated output like 'a','c','d'  . How do i do it ?

i thought of passing the original value to a stored procedure or a function.. the stored proc/func will split & store the value in a temp table such that each value is a new row..


I will then query this temp table and get the sorted values..

The problem i am facing is that if i use a function, i cannot do any t-sql statements within a function and if i use a stored procedure, i cannot call it inline..
Then i thought, i will create both.. the stored procedure will do the sorting and storing the sorted value in the temp table and i will call the stored procedure within the function and make it inline.. (ofcourse there will be 2 parameters... (i) the string and (ii) the delimiter)..
but alas, this too does not work.. i cannot call a stored procedure from within a function..:-(

Could anyone suggest a workaround to achieve this ???


Question by:acpt
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    Accepted Solution

    You will have to add vw_Nums which is included.
    if object_id('[dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]') is not null
         drop function [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]
    create function [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited](@DelimitedString nvarchar(max), @Delimiter nvarchar(32))
    returns nvarchar(max)
    *    Author:        Brandon Galderisi
    *    Last modified: 07-Oct-2008
    *    Purpose:       splits an input string (@DelimitedString) 
    *                   on a delimiter (@delimiter) and outputs 
    *                   a table of values.
    declare @Values TABLE
         (ident         int not null identity primary key clustered
         ,thePosition   int not null
         ,theValue      nvarchar(max)
    declare @Output nvarchar(max)
    insert into @Values (thePosition,theValue)
    		select n, substring(@delimiter + @DelimitedString + @delimiter, n + (datalength(@delimiter)/2), charindex(@delimiter, @delimiter + @DelimitedString + @delimiter, n + datalength(@delimiter)/2) - n - datalength(@delimiter)/2) as string_value
    		from	dbo.vw_Nums
    			n <= (datalength(@delimiter + @DelimitedString + @delimiter)/2) - (datalength(@delimiter)/2)
    			and substring(@delimiter + @DelimitedString + @delimiter, n, (datalength(@delimiter)/2)) = @delimiter
    select @Output = isnull(@Output + @Delimiter,'') + theValue
    from @Values
    order by theValue
    return @Output
    -- The purpose of vw_Nums is if the source database does not have a numbers table.  This view (vw_nums)
    -- will allow the parsing of up to 4 billion+ character strings with the above function.  Whether a static
    -- table or this view is used for fn_ResortDelimited, it can only split a string as long as the source 
    -- numbers table.
    Requires a nunbers table or this view:
    create view vw_Nums
    with   cte0 as (select 1 as c union all select 1), 
           cte1 as (select 1 as c from cte0 a, cte0 b), 
           cte2 as (select 1 as c from cte1 a, cte1 b), 
           cte3 as (select 1 as c from cte2 a, cte2 b), 
           cte4 as (select 1 as c from cte3 a, cte3 b), 
           cte5 as (select 1 as c from cte4 a, cte4 b), 
           nums as (select row_number() over (order by c) as n from cte5)
           select n from nums 
    Sample Usage:
    select * from [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]('a|%25basdf|%25c|%25d','|%25')
    select theValue from [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]('a','|')
    select * from [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]('a basdf c d',' ')
    select [dbo].[fn_ResortDelimited]('d,a,c',',')

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    Author Closing Comment

    Excellent... A +++

    worked exactly as I wanted it to be..

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