Cant see Registry Key exadmin

Installing Avaya Modular Messaging - the setup instructions tell me to turn on the security tab for the Exchange Container. A pretty straign forward well documented procedure adding a DWORD to a key.
I am told to navigate to " HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange\ExAdmin"  but this key is not present on my Exchange Server. Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Exchange i simply have EXBpa and 12.0.

My Exchange 2007 server has been up and running (upgraded from 2003 Server) for over a year - it is at SP1 Rollup 3.  I dont have any problems with it, BPA does not show up any issues.

When I look at the registry I am logged onto the Server as a Domain Admin.

From what I understand this registry key should just 'be there' after installation

Any help on this much appreciated.
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, Exchange Organization level security permission should never be used from the Exchange Management console - I have no idea who informed you that within Exchange Management console we should be setting permissions.

This should always be done using shell - even using adsiedit is a work around.

ExAdmin key has been removed since Exchange no longer is dependant on those 32-bit varients of registry hierarchy instead uses its own complex hierarchy.

Exchange 2007 is not and never be similar to how exchange 2003 or exchange 2000 (except in those few instance where it uses managed code products such as information store)
If its pretty important - you may simply create those Reg value for that key if its not present.
Ideally i had seen this key for Exchange 2003.

Ref link:

Not sure why would they require this key in first place.
splodderAuthor Commented:
The requirement is to add permissions to the Exchange Organization object in services in AD Sites and Services. By default the Security tab on this object is turned off - the registry change turns it on, but I cant get to the appropriate Registry Key to create the DWORD (as I said - the exadmin key isn't there and in no documentation do i see you have to create it).

I actually found a work around - I simply used ADSI edit to set the permissions on the Exchange Organization object (you get the security tab through that).

I will leave this open for a couple of days - any explaination of why I might not being seeing this key or why it might not be there gets the points.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Oh by the way with regards to the points you may provide to any one - EE are here to provide help than jump for points.

All the best.
splodderAuthor Commented:
Cheers EG - did not mean to question your morals when it comes to points! Was just trying say that I wanted to know why the key was not there - an answer you have now provided.

I will get the link to the Avaya document later and show you their intruction.

Thanks, i would love to interact and understand what on earth are they planning with e2k7 by using such keys :)

Take Care.

God Bless
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