xbox 360 live account hack

I was playing on xbox 360 live last night and i was told by this person as he was helping me with the game that he is now hacking my account, he said he was from dublin, i am from america.  I know it is possible but how could they do it! he said he was using a xbox live server to play the game he was not using an actual xbox. I know you can get info from a packet but how?
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tomwalters5678Connect With a Mentor Commented:
ha, I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago, he didn't say where he was from, but he said he was hacking my account using a live server, being as paranoid as I am, I immediately turned off my console, and I emailed xbox, they got back to me and said that it was probably a hoax, and they said it wasn't possible to go on live without an xbox, and after that nothing came of it, haven't heard back from this guy, and that's that!

If I were you I wouldn't worry about it, just ignore it.
While the playing with out an xbox is untrue, a he was probably bluffing to scare you and/or using social engineering to "hack" your account. If you believe it was/is happening please call xbox and inform them. if such an event is happening they can trace it.
There are a few emulators that work to allow people to play XBOX games on a PC or other device.

As for as gathering information from a packet. If you are talking over xbox live or listening, a packet from the person alking will be delivered to each individual person who is listening. You can check via Netstat if you on a PC, or check your Router for all available traffic going to the IP of your Xbox. From the packet they can determine your ISP, and general location of where you are at. That is done by a simple tracert command. Then from the social engineering many people have e-mail accounts simialr to their XBL account names or some form of IM. This results in people trying all IM accounts and figuring out what someones e-mail account is. Run a couple of scripts, wait a few hours and if your lucky you will have access to someones xbl account, e-mail account, ISP account.

This is the reason why the try and explain to people to watch what information you make available for everyone on the internet. Callsigns are there for a reason.
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
Hi scripttron75,
This is not 3D programming stuff, so here isn't a right place to discuss security issues. Probably you'll find appropriate support at the specialized section here in ee, although the posted answers are useful and correct.
About the question itself, mainly the last phrase "I know you can get info from a packet but how", please take on account that it is not allowed in ee to ask (and to answer) how to hack.
scripttron75Author Commented:
Im not asking how to hack, i understand what they are saying, i already knew those things but i just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue before, yes it is about security but also about xbox live as well.
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