Send email confirmation in VB.NET

I have a web site done in ASP.NET with VB.NET.  I need to send an email confirmation of an online order after the customer checks out.  I have some code (see snippet) but MS Visual Web Developer doesn't like the MailMessage and several other parts, saying they're obsolete.  Will someone please tell me what the current (looking for .NET 3.5, but 2.0 may do) code for that?  I call the Sub on page-load.
Public Shared Sub SendMailMessage(ByVal from As String, ByVal recepient As String, ByVal bcc As String, ByVal cc As String, ByVal subject As String, ByVal body As String)
Dim mMailMessage As New MailMessage()
mMailMessage.From = New MailAddress(from)
mMailMessage.To.Add(New MailAddress(recepient))
        If Not bcc Is Nothing And bcc <> String.Empty Then
            mMailMessage.Bcc.Add(New MailAddress(bcc))
        End If
        If Not cc Is Nothing And cc <> String.Empty Then
            mMailMessage.CC.Add(New MailAddress(cc))
        End If
mMailMessage.Subject = subject
mMailMessage.Body = body
mMailMessage.IsBodyHtml = True
mMailMessage.Priority = MailPriority.Normal
Dim mSmtpClient As New SmtpClient()
End Sub

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You need to change your import from System.Web.Mail to System.Net.Mail.
The two objects you will most likely be interested are:

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OVC-it-guyAuthor Commented:
Let me try that and fill in the parameters.
OVC-it-guyAuthor Commented:
Filled everything in, placed a test order and when the email routine was triggered I get an error "SMTP host was not specified," referring to the line,
OVC-it-guyAuthor Commented:
I seem to recall something about setting that in the web.config file.  Do you know, can you tell me what I am missing / should have?
OVC-it-guyAuthor Commented:
I remember it being something like this:

      <smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">
        <network defaultCredentials="true" host="localhost" port="25" userName="myusername" password="mypassword"/>
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