Delayed execution of rules in Outlook

I have a blackberry that is configured to use BIS to get mail from my exchange server. I also use Outlook on my computer to manage the email on this hosted exchange address.

Here is what I want to do.

Since I can only receive emails on my blackberry when they go to my "Inbox" when I create rules in outlook..say to move a message from to a subfolder labeled "Jim" it does not show in my blackberry.

Can I create a script or some other thing that would allow my rules to be delayed for a certain length of time which would allow me to get the email on my blackberry and keep my inbox on my desktop organized?

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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, cbodin.

No, there is no way to delay the rules.  Rules fire automatically when items are sent or received.  If you want to replace all of your rules with scripts, then I can offer a solution.  Scripts have to run at the client though, so it means leaving your computer on with Outlook open all the time.
cbodinAuthor Commented:
I looked at it, but I believe that will only affect message that are outgoing. I looked for that option on the incoming side with no luck
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