Exchange 2003 DB wont mount Error c1041724

A new client had their raid drives crash, but I was still able to pull the edb and stm files from one of the hard drives. I ran the eseutil /p, /mh and /d then isinteg -s cant1 -fix -test alltests.

The isinteg won't run. says it cannot initiate verrification process. Review the log for more information.

Where is this log?

It is coming back as a "Clean Shutdown" but I still can't mount the databases. Everything I have read says to pretty much run those switches and you will be good....well, it's not working unfortunately.

Also getting errors in event log

MSExchangeSA, MAPI Session, 9175
The MAPI call 'OpenMsgStore' failed with the following error:
The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available.  Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange Server computer is down for maintenance.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000

MSExchangeIS, General, 9518
Error 0xfffffdfe starting Storage Group /DC=int/DC=ca/CN=Configuration/CN=Services/CN=Microsoft Exchange/CN=ca/CN=Administrative Groups/CN=First Administrative Group/CN=Servers/CN=CANT1/CN=InformationStore/CN=First Storage Group on the Microsoft Exchange Information Store.
Storage Group - Initialization of Jet failed.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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here is an article you can follow to solve the problem:
Can you mount the DB's in a Recovery Storage Group then move the mailboxes over?
alittlegeekyAuthor Commented:
To add a note, all the services are running. Just the DB wouldn't mount. I had to reinstall Win2k3 Server and then Exchange2k3. The original databases from the install will mount, but these that I recovered will not.

No need to mess with a recovery story group. I can't mount the databases so I can't move the mailboxes.
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I believe if the server name and first storage group aren't named the same as before you RAID failed, the db's won't mount.

Heres, found this which sounds like the OP had the same errors:

Try removing the transaction logs out of the store folder then running isinteg again.

alittlegeekyAuthor Commented:
Yah I have tried to do that with just the edb files in and still no luck.
have you followed the article that I posted, or do you have any errors from there, this is from the article that I posted earlier:


Error c1041724 is "An internal processing error has occurred. Try restarting the Exchange System Manager or the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, or both." For general information about this error, see Knowledge Base article 294318, "C1041724 Error Occurs When You Try to Mount a Database" (

    * Check permissions on the folder that the TMP variable points to. Exchange needs full control permissions for the root of the drive with the transaction log files and database files and all subfolders between the root of the drive and these files. See Knowledge Base article 307242, "Information store does not mount with 0xfffff745 and -2235 errors" (
    * Check the application log for MSExchangeIS Event ID 9519. See Knowledge Base article 312873, "Mailbox Store or a Public Store May Not Mount with Error -344" (
    * Check the application log for MSExchangeIS Event ID 1088. See Knowledge Base article 280652, "XADM: "Event ID 1088" Is Logged and Store Fails to Mount" (
    * Check to ensure that the store you are trying to mount has the Allow inheritable permissions to propagate to this object check box selected. See Knowledge Base article 827283, "You receive a c1041724 or c1041722 error message when you try to mount an Exchange 2000 Server mailbox store" (
    * If you receive this error when trying to mount a store that has just been restored from backup, make sure hard recovery has completed. See Knowledge Base article 253931, "Mounting a Database After Restore Fails with Error Message c1041724" (
    * Check to see if a second SystemMailbox object exists for the store you are trying to mount. See Knowledge Base article 274534, "XADM: Event ID 9175, 9546, 9519 Messages Occur When Mailbox Store Fails to Mount" (
    * Check to make sure another copy of the same database is not running. See Knowledge Base article 280753, "XADM: Event ID 9175, 9546, 9519 Messages Occur When Mailbox Store Fails to Mount" (
    * Check the log file drive to ensure that it has adequate space. You may see MSExchangeIS Event 9519 and 9559 in the application log. It is important that you do not simply delete transaction log files to make more space. These files are part of your Exchange database. For information on moving log files, see Knowledge Base article 821915, "How to Move Exchange Databases and Logs in Exchange Server 2003" (
    * Check to make sure your E00.log file has the correct signature. See Knowledge Base article 294367, "You Cannot Mount the Database, and Receive Events 9518 and 455" (
    * Check to see if the MDBDATA folder that contains the files for the store you are trying to mount has the proper permissions set on it. See Knowledge Base article 823022, " 'ID No: c1041724' Error Message and Event ID 491 When You Try to Mount the Mailbox or the Public Store" (
you have all the same service packs and update applied, right?

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