Citrix Access Essentials, to be accessed through thin client.

I have 3 users in another country who access our companies applications via Citrix Access Essentials.

Is there a way to have these users login to the published desktop as soon as they logon to their pc's.
So it's almost seemless for the user?

I know I could place a command prompt to open up mstsc.exe on startup but i'm sure there must be a better way?
Antonio KingIT ManagerAsked:
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What is the OS of the thin client? Are they Windows XP embedded? If they are you could place a shortcut in the Startup folder that launches the published desktop.
Antonio KingIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
They're all Windows XP Pro.
Are you using the Program Neighborhood? You could configure the client, create a shortcut for the published desktop, and copy this shortcut to the All Users "Startup" folder. As soon as they have logged on to the thin client the published desktop should launch.

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Antonio KingIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Network neighbourhood is installed on the server. But the users access everything via Citrix Access Essentials.
Ahh.... Sorry I totally skipped that line. I think your stuck I'm afraid.

One alternative you could do is enable "Auto-Logon" on the XP embedded thin client. You could have IE start at logon with your Citrix Web interface page as default home page. Then your users can login to Citrix and launch the published desktop. Not ideal I know, but at least this way the users only need to logon once.
Antonio KingIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
We're not using XP embedded thin clients?
But they are XP right? If they are not XPe thats still ok, you can still enable Auto-Logon. It's just a registry setting.

I would create a standard local user on the thin clients. If you want you can lock it down so that it can only run IE and the Citrix client. Whatever your security requires.... Then just enable auto logon (see link below with instructions) using that account.
Antonio KingIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
I see, so the machine auto-logs in and opens up our citrix web access page.

Eventually we will be replacing their machines with thin clients. Will thin clients work with what we have here? If not, what do we need?

Citrix is a complete minefield to me, there are so many different ways of running it!
If these XP workstations are joined to a domain and connected to the LAN I probably would not recommend using Auto-Logon as it's a security risk. If they are just in a remote office and not joined to the domain then there is no harm with using auto-logon really.

The thin clients will work in the same way as these XP workstations (if they are XP thin clients). However, you can get Linux based thin clients that will work in the same way (opens a browser on logon).

There are different ways of connecting to Citrix but mostly that is when you are running Citrix internally. If you are going via Access Essentials through a firewall then you pretty much are limited to the Web Interface. I have assumed that that is what you're doing.
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