partition by list on two columns

Can I partition by list on two columns?  Thanks.

partition by list(currency, country)
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schwertnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Composite Partitioning (in 11g)
Composite partitioning is a combination of the basic data distribution methods; a table is partitioned by one data distribution method and then each partition is further subdivided into subpartitions using a second data distribution method. All subpartitions for a given partition together represent a logical subset of the data.

Composite partitioning supports historical operations, such as adding new range partitions, but also provides higher degrees of potential partition pruning and finer granularity of data placement through subpartitioning.
Composite Range-Range Partitioning

Composite Range-Hash Partitioning

Composite Range-List Partitioning

Composite List-Range Partitioning

Composite List-Hash Partitioning

Composite List-List Partitioning
Thank you very much!
Good luck!
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