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I finally managed to get rid of that bastardized bunch o bits that has been plaguing admins for years, Exchange.  But, the users have grown attached to the GAL, and are whining about the notion of maintaining their own address books.  So, I enabled LDAP on our 2003 x64 domain controller with active directory.  

When I configure a client to look at "users", nothing appears in the address lookups.  I created another group in AD called Contacts, and placed a couple of dummy, test users in there.  They show when the client is set to look at "contacts".

Is there something keeping LDAP and the clients from reading/seeing/using "users"?  With the turnover rate in a non-profit, particularly one as seasonally active as a zoo, it would be great if I didn't have to do double duty creating the user entries twice, so I'd really like to be able to use the "user" group in AD.

Clients are Outlook 2003/2007 and Thunderbird, if it matters.
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knoxzooConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found it.


The instructions in here did it.  It seems to me that we'd tried everything shown here before, but for some reason, this all worked.

Thanks for trying folks.

David LeeCommented:
Hi, knoxzoo.

Two questions.

1.  Do the users have sufficient permissions to see Users?
2.  What does the LDAP connection string look like?
knoxzooAuthor Commented:
Right now I'm testing it out on my machine, and have my intern testing on his.  Both users have full admin privies for the domain, and do most of the domain admin stuff from our workstations.

(generic names used below)

In Thunderbird:

Hostname - server.domain.suffix
Port - 389
Bind DN - MyUsername@domain.suffix

This works...

This doesn't...

I'm using Thunderbird exclusively on my machine (hate Outleak), so my intern's doing the Outleak thing, along with Thunderbird.  I'll have to get the Outleak stuff from him.  Unfortunately, he's in class today, so it'll have to wait.
David LeeCommented:
For Users, isn't the LDAP path
knoxzooAuthor Commented:
That didn't work either.
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