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Changed Exchange Limits, but client is not seeing the change

A mailbox had it's storage limits (warning, prohibit send and prohibit send/recieve) inadvertedly set to the value of zero in each box,and the checkboxes remained selected.  I have since removed the checkboxes, however everytime the client opens his outlook, it tells him he has exceeded the limits and he must clean up his mailbox.  The user logs onto the local machine (not the domain) and accesses his mailbox from within the office where the exchange server is.  When he connect it asks for his domain login and password, which he provides.

Any suggestion on how to get the client to read hsi new (unlimited) limits?
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As a test on one machine go to Control Panel -> Mail -> Profiles and remove the profile of the user. Re-open Outlook and recreate the profile. See if you still get the warning message. If you do then there is still some setting being pushed down from the server, if you do not then you know that there was a setting cached in the user's local copy of their mailbox that needs to be cleared, and we can go from there.
This has been changed fairly recently?  If you edited the mailbox properties using ADUC and have mulitple domain controllers I can see how this could just be slow replication. Maybe when the user is entering his login credentials, it keeps pulling the info from the domain controller that doesnt have new settings yet?
catharsis-itAuthor Commented:
I did not delete his old setup, but did create a new profile.  The same issue occured.  i tried it on a seperate machine as well and ran into the same issue, so it is most definently server side

It is possible that it is taking its time to replicate around this multi domain system, I've considered that, however I was wondering if there was a way to perhaps expeditite that process if that is indeed the case?  I made the changes about 2 hours ago, and I am not sure what would be an acceptable amount of time to wait
Hmm, I would wait for a couple of more hours. I am not sure of the exact time that replication takes, perhaps another expert can give a more specific answer.
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