Problems using HP SmartStart CD to load Windows 2008 Std x64 without Hyper-V

Hi.  We have an HP DL 360 G5 that we're trying to install Windows 2008 Server Std x64 without Hyper-V on.  We're using the HP SmartStart CD (tried both versions 8.00 and 8.10) to install Windows.  We choose DVD media and flat file.  When we browse for the Media Source we choose /mount/dvd.  After his we get an error:

Invalid Entry :/mount/dvd

and cannot continue the install

Our source for the DVD is from a MS download of the file, specifically:


When we try it with media supplied from MS (it has Hyper-V) it works.  We do not have media from MS that doesn't have Hyper-V.

Can anyone help?
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I'm also having the same problem.  The only difference is that I'm using an actual DVD from Microsoft.  I have a call in progress with HP.  If they can provide a solution I'll post it here.  From the research I've done, it appears as though alot of people are having the exact same problem.  

Did you try to manually type /mount/dvd where it is asking for the folder location?
What I have done with my two installations was just install right from the Microsoft OS CD and then go back and install the express pack with the Drivers for the NIC Cards, Video, etc.  I found that to resolve my issue, since I was not using the HYPER-V as well.

If you just configure you array etc, by using the Array untility when computer is booting up, F8 when done, exit. boot with the windows 2008 CD, install and then use the HP Smart Start to load the Drivers you need...
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I'm trying that now actually.  Hopefully that works for me too.  I definately think there is a problem with the smartstart CD.  Even version 8.1 seems to not work as it should.  Today is Thursday, HP support said they will call back Monday morning at 11:00 AM.  Up to this point, the only things HP support had me try are things I have found either on this site or just googling the problem.  They don't seem to be real up on the problem.  I'll keep posting if I get any good information from them.
According to HP.  Smartstart version 8.1 has a problem loading Server 2008.  You should install Server 2008 from the CD and then load the HP Support Pack to install the drivers and such.  One thing HP mentioned is that one problem with Smartstart 8.1 is if your server has 4GB of RAM, it will have problems.  I don't know at this point if I were to remove some RAM if I would be able to install server 2008 with the Smartstart CD, and the HP rep didn't know either.  Hope this post helps you guys out there.

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clcuserAuthor Commented:
I ended up talking to HP as well.  They told me that the Smartstart CD has a problem with all the different versions of Windows 2008 and that if the media does not work with the Smartstart CD, then we should perform the install without using the Smartstart CD.

We did have the issue with servers that had both less and more than 4GB RAM.

Thanks for your replies.
Don't know if this is still an issue, but SmartStart CD x64 v8.25 with the /mount/dvd specified worked for a Proliant BL460c G6 after initially experiencing the same issue.
FYI... I contacted HP and they now have an updated version of their Smart Start software (version 8.25) which addresses this problem. It's available for download from the HP website here:

Hope this helps...
The link above is to a HP page which has the option to download Smartstart v8.30

The problem has been resolved with that release. This link is for the x64 Smartstart. If you go back to the top level and select a 32 bit OS, you can get to the 32 bit Smartstart.
Hope this helps.
I was able to solve this problem by changing the IDE cable to make the DVD drive the primary. Haven't seen this solution anywhere so I thought I would post it. Hope this helps someone.
Well me this problem got resolved by downloading the latest HP SmartStart v8.30 CD ISO image from the following below link:-
Download the iso image file and run hp smartstart cd and it will work with windows R2 enterprise edition x64bit version successfully.
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