Google will only index files up to last format of system on 11/12

Hello Team,

For some reason google desktop will only index items up to the last format on 11.12.08.

some more info: When i search - only documents up to 11.12.08 will show up.
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks to me like your Desktop Search must be re-indexed.

This is usually done by uninstalling the whole application, but fortunately there is a useful gadget you might try out:
You confuse me completely.

1.) "11.12.08" - that's in the future, whichever way around you read it!

2.) "Last format" - how could you expect files to be found that date from *before* a format?? They're gone because you formatted.
jaesoulAuthor Commented:
Wow... I confuse by self.. sorry was so tired at time of post.

Last format was 9/12/08.
And after I formated the system, I restored all files and emails. But Google desktop will only find emails up to the format, eventhough older emails exist in outlook. Why will google desktop not recognize these older emails.

Thank you
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