Question on failback of a SCR server to production

I am testing out SCR in our environment using VM's. I have an Exchange 2007 SP1 CCR Cluster as my source and a single Exchange 2007 SP1 server as the target. The failover to the SCR server worked perfectly and I have a bunch of test clients running off the SCR server. The problem is trying to figure out how to fail back to production. I am following the article below but something is missing. I get to the point where I run the Restore-StorageGroupCopy command on the production server and I get errors about log files not being copied. I don't have the specific error but I can reproduce it.Something is wrong with the sequence I am using and I don't know what it is. If anyone has tested this out and it worked, please let me know what I am missing. As I said, I am following the steps in the article below.

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Can you please send us any error messages you see in the Event Viewer with regards to the SCR restore.

here are couple of links that might help you.

osiexchangeAuthor Commented:
I did not check the event log, but I will give you the error that gets displayed when I run the Restore-StorageGroupCopy command on the node I am trying to fail back to. The writer of the article I provided the link to makes it sound simple. You just remove the Cluster resources, enable StorageGroupCopy back to your production server, then run the Restore-StorageGroupCopy command. He doesn't state whether the original Storage Groups and databases should be deleted and then recreated. He doesn't state if the old log files and databases should be deleted before I enable the Storage Group copy from the SCR server back to the production server. Anyway, I will reply with the steps I took and then the error. When you see the error, it will help.
osiexchangeAuthor Commented:
I am almost done rebuilding my VM environment and I will test again and post any errors. Below are the steps I wil be following to fail back to the production data center.

All clients are currently connected to and running off the SCR server.

Process to failback to production.
Power on the two CCR nodes in the production datacenter
Dismount the databases and delete all log and edb files but not the Storage Groups or Databases
Remove CMS using the command /ClearLocalCMS /CMSName:exchcluster
Enable Storage Group copy from the SCR back to the production server
Note, this is where problems first seem to appear. After enabling the Storage Group copy, a check of the status shows the copy is disabled instead of initializing. If I leave it long enough, it eventually goes to a Healthy state withou doing anything but its strange.
To switch back over to production,
Dismount the databases on the SCR server
To activate the copy on the production server, run the Restore Storage Group command.

This is where the error occurs. The -force parameter is not being used.
After examining the database using eseutil /mh, it shows a Dirty Shutdown state
Running eseutil to repair it works but the state remains Dirty Shutdown.

If you see anything wrong with the process, let me know before I actually implement it. Otherwise, I will proceed and post any errors.


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