Problems publishing a VB.Net project Help!!!

Okay we created and published a VB.Net project  about a year ago...

We have been making changes to the development side and then publishing to the live side... all was good ..then about a month ago an error popped up...I can't remember the exact error...but I remember the solution was pressing  the "Create Test Certificate".. I entered a password twice and the project published with no problems...
 The next day I opened up the project and noticed that another "projectname_1_temporarykey.pfx" was created in my solution explorer...I assume this was created when I pressed the "Create Test Certificate" button the day previous

so there was now 2 .pfx files in my solution I have been make changes to the project over the last couple of weeks and was ready to publish the project this afternoon to the live side , but an error popped up while I was trying to publish it...

Cannot publish because a project failed to build
SignTool reported an error 'Keyset does not exist"

Any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening....
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Its not an easy fix....

First  get this
It is the source for a program called "RenewCert" from microsoft.
Complile it and put the exe in c:\dload   (if you follow my example below)

When a Click Once Cert expires do the following.

1. Find the .pfx file in the broken applicaitons source folder
2. Copy that to c:\dload
3. Start MSDos prompt and go to the dload folder
4. run...renewcert <OldCertificate>.pfx <NewCertificate>.pfx CN=<NewCertificateName> <Password>

example.....C:\dload>renewcert MRB_report_Build_TemporaryKey.pfx MRB_Report_Build.pfx CN=MRB_Report_Build

Did not use a password because it was not innitaly set up that way....Should end up wth something like the following.....

Certificate's container name is: {5913A143-7918-43A7-A24B-0D3515C4ED50} [39]
CertNameToStr: CN=MRB_Report_Build [20]
Created File: C:\dload\MRB_Report_Build.pfx

5. Copy the new file back to the source folder.
6. Open the project
7. Right click the main project name.. click properties.. go to the Signing Tab
8. Click "Select from File"
9. Pick the new cert and click open

Expiration date should now be set for sometime in 2013.  

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nomar2Author Commented:
That worked perfect!!!!

the guys on this board have so much knowledge...

10000 thank yous..
nomar2Author Commented:
Scott are a life/project saver...THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my question
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