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Hi Folks,

Here is my issue, I am setting a client up that is on a budget.  We are deploying SBS 2003.  And they have about 7 Clients.  If I deploy SBS 2003 with the 5 CALS, what happens for the extra two users.  Do they just not exist?  We intended to add extra CALS but money is an issue so we were hoping to add the CALS in a month or two.  So basically, will SBS complain about the extra 2 users?  Any input would be great.
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Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
The CALs are based on concurrent users, will all seven be on at the same time? If not, no issue.

Joseph DalyCommented:
Yes if not all seven will be connected at the same time you should be fine. Just be ready for the time when 5 people are connected and the unlucky 6th person tries to connect. That is when you are gonna hear it. I know money may be a concern but its better to do it right the first time.

Also CALS arent just used on user accounts a CAL can be used up by the machine account as well. So you may have a conditon where a user and a service on the same machine is using 2 CALS that drops your total license count to 3.

I would just explain this to them and order the 7 CALs
Joseph DalyCommented:
As mentioned above, if you have user CALs, then it will be for concurrent users. The limit will therefore be how many users are connected at the same time.

I don't know the time delay involved but the Licensing section in the SBS console will warn you about licencing infringements before actually preventing connections. We've had this with clients where they've been over the maximum by one or two and it can take a while to prepare quotes, get it authorised, purchase and delivery and not had any complains while that's going on.

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swinger22Author Commented:
Thanks guys,  It is nice to know I may have a small window as we will be deploying this asap and to get the extra CALS proposed and approved may take a week or so.  So you are right on the money there.
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