Why NOT use the builtin back utility?

What would be a few reasons I would not use the builtin Windows Backup Utility thats built into SBS2003?
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- horrible scheduling
- much trouble with new tapes
- no brick level mailbox backup
- horrible command line options
- it's a very stripped down backup utility comparing to veritas backup exec like:
     - E-mail notification
     - Disk based backup support ( e.g. auto remove old backups if disk is full)
     - Extensive logging
     - Backup catalog (db) search options  
- Etc. Etc.

http://www.honda-tech.com/zerothread/2386191 or just google on it. It's realy cheap but horrible.

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The built in SBS backup utility works fine for backing up SBS.

If you are just backing up to an external driver / network location / tape and you have a pretty simple setup I would recommend using it.

If you have complex media rotation needs, the need to manage other workstations / servers , or other custom needs you may not want to use it.
prlitAuthor Commented:
I'm just wondering why I should buy backup exec if theres no need to. Does the restore work pretty much the same?
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Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
As SBS tends to be in businesses without big IT budgets/requirements I have always used (unless at customer request) NTBackup with external usb drives. This saves money on expensive backup software and tape drive hardware giving the customer more options for the server itself.

Just my thoughts


Well, how complicated is your SBS setup? Do you just have Exchange, WSUS, etc running on the server? If you don't have complex needs then you don't need a complex solution. And yes, the restore works well and is very simple.

Backup Exec is a great program, don't get me wrong. But if you don't need it to accomplish your goals then... well... you don't need it.
prlitAuthor Commented:
It's a SBS server - running AD with about 45 users - exchange as well. Thats pretty much it.
prlit:, you can download a trial version of backup exec from the symantec site to play around with. The other guys/girls are right, it does depend on your budget. Although a good back-up solution can cost some money, your data is probaby worth much more.
Yeah, just go with the SBS backup wizard. It should work just fine for you.
Adam GrahamEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
'Although a good back-up solution can cost some money, your data is probaby worth much more.'

This is absolutely true. However, NTBackup with SBS is good as dfxdeimos suggests when used with SBS features.

In my experiance Small Businesses cost is usually key :(

The SBS backup is fine up to a point. It suffers the drawbacks mentioned above and you're forced to do a full backup every time. Even with a small SBS network your data can grow to the point that the backup is taking most of the night.

Backup Exec, like many of the "enterprise" backup solutions can be overly complex for an SBS system. Have a look at BackupAssist which is a wrapper around NTBackup which addresses most of the SBS Backup failings while retaining the flexibilty of having "standard" BKF files, simple UI and is low cost with good manufacturer support.
prlitAuthor Commented:
Have been using Windows Backup and it's actually VERY easy and works perfectly. Not sure why MS doesn't actually add a few more features and tout it more. Thanks!
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