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I am looking for input on a NAS solution.  Our organization currently has multiple file servers that are beginning to demand more space.  I would like to combine all those file servers into one 3TB - 4TB NAS.

We currently run an Active Directory domain (Server 2003) and use Backup Exec 12 to backup our file servers.  I need a device that supports Active Directory (so I can assign folder permissions on the NAS) and can be backed up using Backup Exec 12.

I have read alot about the Buffalo TeraStation Pro II.  This product seems to fit our needs (although I haven't been able to find info about using BE to backup the files), but I'm most comfortable with Microsoft products and file servers  and am hesitant to move away from that.  Does anyone have experience with the TeraStation Pro II?

I have also briefly looked at the HP ProLiant...but the price point is so much higher.  Is that because it runs Windows Storage Server 2003?
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ShmoidConnect With a Mentor Senior EngineerCommented:
I've heard that the Buffalo TeraStation has poor performance. However, I've not personally used it.
I have an Intel NAS box:

It Integrates with Active Directory. However, I found that if you have a mixed mode environment (as I do) the AD integration will not work and groups/permissions have to be set on the NAS box. That was a pain for me but if you are running a pure 2003 server environment you would be fine.
I just returned my Terastation Pro II rackmount. While is DOES work with Active Directory, it will only let you create ROOT shares. If you create any sub-folders from within the share, they cannot be managed - either through the Terastation interface or from the server (Window Permissions cannot be set). This means that for every folder you want to manage folder permissions, it must be created as a root share. I have over 1000 subfolders in my root shares which makes this impractical to use.  

It's a good start but the designers need to take it a few steps further.
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