Cannot install Office 2003 SP3

I have several workstations which need the Office 2003 SP3 update.  We have a WSUS server and it seems to be ok with most other things, but Office SP3 fails.

I have also tried downloading the file from the MS download center and loading it sitting at a machine.  This fails as well.  Have checked the original install source in the registry, and it is set to the same network location for all... and the source files are located there.

I am not sure what to do to get this deployed.  Anyone have any ideas?


Derek Schauland (Microsoft MVP)IT ConsultantAsked:
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Derek Schauland (Microsoft MVP)Connect With a Mentor IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I looked at some of the suggestions on one client and attempted to reload SP3 locally... turns out the IE reg hive was not accessible by the Everyone group.

Once I fixed that all was well (on that PC).  I wonder if there is a way to correct that en masse... ?
Hi there

I don't know which error you encountered but take a look:

Best regards...
Although this might not be a solution, I post it here for your knwoledge.  They is an issue with wsus and office 2003sp3.
Some places recommend doing this:
Note: this is in the Vista OS, XP will be different path

Go to your %SYSTEM%/system32 directory.
Find the file mapisvc.inf
Open the Properties option, then go to the Security tab
Click the Advanced button, then go to the Owner tab
Click Edit, then change the Ower to the Administrators group
OK back to the Security tab (agree with dialogs to get there)
Click the Edit button and grant full control to the Administrators

Reapply the patch.
Good luck
Derek Schauland (Microsoft MVP)IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I will give both of these solutions a try and post results at the end of the week

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