color coding does not show up for shered users for shered outlook calendar 2007

Shared the Calendar with color coding for appointement but the color does not show up for shered users
, checked the permission from calendar properties and the users do have the Publishing Author rights.

What do you think causing this problem?
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, aicdc.

By "color coding" I assume you mean colored categories.  Category colors cannot be shared.  They are specific to each person's profile.  For example, you might have a category called "Meetings" and color code it blue.  If you share your calendar, then whoever you share it with will see the category "Meetings" but those items will not be blue.  They won't have any color associated with them unless the person viewing your calendar assigns a color to "Meetings".  Even if they do assign a color to that category, it could be any color.  It would not have to be blue.
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