Citrix Web Interface error

i have cirix presentation server 4.50
configure with Web Interface
for client i have native client ( so they have to download the citrix client to get the application)
i have checked my dmz setting the first one correcpond to the itnernal network address, and after that  dafault - translate.
Everyone is able to login with their credential using the WEb interface. However, when they click any applications everyone get the same error above. These server has all the application we need.
how can we make this work out?
Please any advice will be great.
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Carl WebsterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, that is correct
Carl WebsterCommented:
What version of the Web Interface?
How many servers are running Presentation Server 4.5?
Are users accessing the Web Interface Externally, Internally or both?

What is the error message exactly?  Could you attach a print screen please.
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
version 4.5      type: access platform
just one server .
yes it is externally the problem, no problem whe they do it internatlly with the citrix client (everyone get the application)
the error is when the click any application after authentication on the Web interface.For example if they want to open Msword ->  the title bar :Word Error" content :
"cannot connect to the citrix xenapp server. there is no citrix xenapp server configured on the specified address"
it is something missing on here. i can not figure it.
Please help.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
Yep, you are missing the altaddr on the 4.5 server.

altaddr /SERVER: servername /SET: NICIP EXTERNALIP

altaddr /SERVER: PS4.5Name /SET:

Do you have your firewall configured to allow access in to the internal IP of the server?
Have an external user log into the Web Interface, then have them save the ICON (i.e. Right Click -> Save Target As..").  The file should be called launch.ica.  Open that file with a text editor and find the IP Address.  Is that the correct IP address (i.e. the Public/External IP)?  If not you have something configured incorrectly that is sending out the Private/Internal IP address.  If it is, it may be a firewall issue.  Try to telnet to the IP listed on port 1494.  I'm assuming it will fail which would be a firewall issue.
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
yes, the we have a translation rule on the firewall. inside oustside ,
the firewall is good already configure for this.
if my address are as above, i will go to the command prompt and type
altaddr /server: citrixserver /set:
FaustinoeltinoAuthor Commented:
thank you guys for your help. it was also something wrong with the appication pool.
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