Disaster Recovery Testing - Recovery of alternate DNS to Primary DNS without having Primary on site.

I'm restoring a Windows 2003 DC that also is alternate DNS. Infoblox is the primary and is not here. Our zones are shutdown and we have no way to change to primary or change the SOA. Can this be done?
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dakkonblackbladeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you for the response. We found out that with Infoblox our zones are not active directory integrated.  System state restore does not include the C:\windows\system32\dns folder.  After copying the DNS folder to the server the zones came back online and we were able to change their status to primary then integrate them.  

Thanks for the posting.
Andrej PirmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If this is for testing purposes, I'd try the following:
- after restoration....
- uninstall DNS on defective server
- go to TCP/IP properties of your NIC adapter and point it to be its own DNS
- clear DNS resolver cache with "ipconfig /flushdns"
- reinstall DNS and tell it to be "Active directory integrated"
- DNS *should* rebuild based on AD objects database
I am not sure about all steps, but going some simmilar technique I repaired broken DNS on one DC some time ago. By memory, I think something might be missing in procedure, but if you are testing, you may give it a shot.
If I remember, I'll post comment.
Andrej PirmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, thats the simplicity of DNS restoration/migration.

btw...DNS zone data may be stored ONLY in files, or mixed, partially in files and partially in Windows registry. You change these settings in DNS zone properties tab, so if you want to move/migrate any non-AD-integrated zone, you simply choose "Store zone data in files" and your files in C:\windows\system32\dns will have all DNS needed data.
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