Logon script (VB) to create shortcut on desktop to "Startup" folder for user session


We have a terminal server, and used to have a VB script (that, as part of group policy, would run when the user logged in) to create a "Startup" folder on their desktop.  The folder was actually a shortcut to their user session 'startup' folder.  We found many users were too computer illiterate to navigate to the 'startup' in the program files directory, and then try to figure out how to drag and drop programs there, so with the folder on the desktop, they could drag 'messenger', 'outlook', etc. into it and when they logged on it would open them up.

Due to a domain controller crash, we lost most of the data, and i'd like to find that script again.  Could anyone help please?
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Here's a piece of code that will create the shortcut for you.  I don't know how you would add it to your logon script.

Option Explicit
Function MakeShortcut(sShortcut, sTarget, sWorking, sIcon, sArgs, sDesc)
	Dim objShell, objShortcut, objWorkingDirectory, objArguments, objDescription
	Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
	Set objShortcut = objShell.CreateShortcut(sShortcut)
	objShortcut.TargetPath = sTarget
	If sIcon <> "" Then objIconLocation = sIcon
	objWorkingDirectory = sWorking
	If sArgs <> "" Then objArguments = sArgs
	If sDesc <> "" Then objDescription = sDesc
	Set objDescription = Nothing
	Set objArguments = Nothing
	Set objWorkingDirectory = Nothing
	Set objShortcut = Nothing
	Set objShell = Nothing
End Function
' Main
Dim arrArguments(), intCounter
If Wscript.Arguments.Count = 0 Then
	WScript.Echo "This script creates a shortcut in a location specified at runtime "
	WScript.Echo "by command line parameters."
	WScript.Echo "Script requires the shortcut, targetpath, and workingdirectory"
	WScript.Echo "parameters from the command line."
	WScript.Echo "The iconlocation, arguments and description parameters are optional."
	WScript.Echo "   cscript //nologo makeshortcut.vbs targetpath workingdir " & _ 
		"[ iconlocation arguments description]"
	For intCounter = 0 to Wscript.Arguments.Count - 1
		Redim Preserve arrArguments(intCounter)
		arrArguments(intCounter) = Wscript.Arguments(intCounter)
End If
Sub DoJob()
	Dim strShortcut, strTarget, strWorkingDir, strIconLoc, strArguments, strDescription
	Dim intRetVal
	strShortcut = arrArguments(0)
	strTarget = arrArguments(1)
	strWorkingDir = arrArguments(2)
	strIconLoc = ""
	strArguments = ""
	strDescription = ""
	If intCounter > 3 Then
		strIconLoc = arrArguments(3)
		If intCounter > 4 Then strArguments = arrAgruments(4)
		If intCounter > 5 Then strDescription = arrArguments(5)
	End If
	intRetVal = MakeShortcut(strShortcut, strTarget, strWorkingDir, strIconLoc, _
		strArguments, strDescription)
End Sub

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Mine is a little shorter but will add the shortcut onto the desktop as requested.

Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") 
strUserProfile = objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%USERPROFILE%")
Set objShortCut = objShell.CreateShortcut(strUserProfile & "\Desktop\Startup Folder.lnk")
objShortCut.TargetPath = "%Userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
objShortCut.Description = "Drag and drop files here to launch them at startup."

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OK.  I'm the lazy one.  Download xxmklink.exe from  http://www.xxcopy.com/download/xxmklink.zip and place in the netlogon folder on your DC.

Add the following to your login script (BAT or CMD file) on one line.

if not exist "%Userprofile%\Desktop\Startup Folder.lnk" %logonserver%\netlogon\xxmklink.exe "%Userprofile%\Desktop\Startup Folder.lnk" "%Userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" " " "%Userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" "Startup Folder" 1
if not exist "%Userprofile%\Desktop\Startup Folder.lnk" %logonserver%\netlogon\xxmklink.exe "%Userprofile%\Desktop\Startup Folder.lnk" "%Userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" " " "%Userprofile%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" "Startup Folder" 1 

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The above will only create the shortcut if the shortcut does not already exist for that user.
Oh.  That can also be placed in teh System Startup folder on a specific server if you only want it to affect that server.
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys - much appreciated.  Since you all had a solution, I divided the points, but gave more points to rejoinder, since i ended up using his.

Thanks again
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