IE doesn't do object.innerHTML on t td element?

I have a web page which contains a table that is generated dynamically by AxpDB, (a free ASP control from, using ASP and ADO to extract the table information from an SQL Server database. It generates a really nice table and allows adding/deleting/editing/sorting, but I have no control over the HTML code that comprises the table. However, AxpDB gives each element an ID, which helps a lot.

One of the columns in the database is a URL. Of course, SQL Server doesn't have a hyperlink data type, so what I get in the table is just the text version of the hyperlink. I want to convert that text into a clickable link. So I wrote some Javascript that changes the table cells by changing objCell.innerHTML.replace() using s regular expression I picked up on the net, and running when the document loads. It works fine in Firefox, where I was debugging it ... but it doesn't work at all in Internet Explorer 7. And IE7 is our corporate standard; it's OK if it doesn't work in Firefox but it must work in IE7. Arrggh!

I've attached the page as it's seen in View | Source from IE. It a .txt file but it should be a .asp file.

What can I do to get this working in IE7?
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Albert Van HalenAnalyst developerCommented:
You are checking the cell by getting the textContent property.
This isn't supported in IE. Use innerText property for IE

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JonFlemingAuthor Commented:
Well, that was certainly easier than I thought!
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