Immediate If Or CASE Statement to Concatenate values

I have a table on a report in SSRS and I need to format a field in a cell;

I have Eventnames and Rooms;
In my sql query on the back end (ms sql server), I select both fields as such:
ISNULL((R.[meeting room]),'') AS meetingroom,
E.[EventName] AS eventname,
But, Im thinking I should do the logic on the report gui instead;

If the eventname is NULL, ignore it;
And If the field is not null, concatenate the eventname at the end of the meetingroom, preferably in parentheses-
Valid values for my meetingroom are:
Mtg Rm 1
Mtg Rm 2

Valid values for EventName in my database field are:  --
Plaza Summer Crafts
Farmers Market

So, an example of a valid value for the table would be: Mtg Rm 1 (Plaza Summer Crafts)
Thanks In Advance.
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It's actually easier in the sql statement.

ISNULL((R.[meeting room]),'') AS meetingroom,
E.[EventName] AS eventname,
ISNULL((R.[meeting room]),'')  + ISNULL(' (' + E.[EventName] + ')', '') AS fulldescription

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jtrapat1Author Commented:
If you are still around, I have another related question-
I will open up a new post if I dont hear from you;
But, Is there any way, that I could force a line break on the cell in this table?
I would like to have this cell height increase, if need be, and if the other two columns increase, that is OK.

You have to specify a line break in the expression:
="First Line" & vbCrLf & "Second Line"
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