Change New File options / add Text file in right-click context menu?

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In Vista, I have several options in the right click menu for "New", including MS Office and WinZip file types, but I am missing the most basic "Text" file option.
How can I edit the options in the "New" context menu? If these programs can install their own options, I have to assume I can do the same... but how?
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Adding to the mystery... in my 'default programs' options, there are a gazillion file extensions listed, but not ".txt".. so I can't get at it that way, either.

 Also, I have my Notepad ++ preferences set to open .txt files but Vista says it can't open one by double-clicking, and Notepad ++ is not available in Vista's list of programs for 'association' with file types.
You probably have to ( in the list of programs) hit browse and manually select the EXE file for Notepad++
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that lockergnome link references a Windows 95 article.

Start menu is fine, and I have the file association working (had to pick N++ from the list , and select 'always use...' )

So now it is jsut the first issue - how to add "txt" file to the *Vista* right click >> New menu ?
I was under the impression it would be easy to edit, like the "Send To..." options... but apprently there are some registry edits involved... i want to make very sure i have the right instructions, thanks
Nothing I posted was related to the Start menu...

Here is a better article on how to add options to the "New" menu. It was written in 2004, but is most likely applicable to Vista


>> Nothing I posted was related to the Start menu...

the article is titled
" How to Customize the Start Menu Context Menu in Vista "

I am really not looking for something 'most likely applicable' ... i need to know for sure it applies and works , preferrably from a vista expert who's done it first hand. I am very hesitant to do anything registry-related without solid verification.
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This tutorial in the Vistax64 forum tells you how to do it.  I've tried it; it works:

If you cannot see any of the screenshots in the tutorial, just find the link for becoming a member of the Vistax64 forum, and go ahead and join.  It's free...


Thank you!
From that link, I found this other thread, which has the reg files ready to download and execute - no regedit required, and a simple reboot has my 'new' menu showing 'text' and 'rich text' ... perfect!

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